Should I Have An Engagement Shoot?

Today I'll be chatting with you about Engagement shoots. You may be planning your wedding and have heard of couples having an engagement shoot, but you are unsure of why people have them and whether it is something you'd consider doing.

These photos are just relaxed and beautiful portraits of you and your other half, spending time together. I love to keep my couples chatting, walking and having fun or a quiet moment together. An engagement shoot can take place wherever you like, I'd usually ask if you have a favourite place to go walking, a favourite beach or somewhere special that is meaningful to you. We could even do the shoot inside your own home. It's lovely to be able to reflect your lives within the photos, rather than shooting somewhere completely random.

Engagement shoots are totally optional and just depend on your own preference. Scroll down to read my top 5 reasons why I think engagement shoots are a great idea.

1. It's a special time in your relationship

Whether you've only been engaged for a few weeks or your wedding day is just a few weeks away, having an engagement shoot is such a perfect way to celebrate and commemorate the occasion. It's a significant time in your relationship and it deserves to be remembered.

2. Let's get to know each other

An engagement shoot can be a great way to for us to get to know each other more personally before your wedding day. The more you feel at ease in your photographer's presence and the more that you trust them, the more likely you will love how you look in your photos. I like to use various techniques during my shoots to help you relax and be yourself.

3. Become more confident in front of the camera

One of the main reasons that people decide to have an engagement shoot is to have a test run or practice being photographed before their wedding day. Lots of couples tell me that they don't really know what to do in front of a camera or what to expect, which is completely understandable as it's not every day you have professional photos taken.

Having an engagement shoot can be a great way to boost your confidence and get rid of any nerves you may have in advance of the big day. When photographing couples, either on a wedding day or engagement session, I never ask them to pose awkwardly or doing anything that they wouldn't feel comfortable or natural doing. I just encourage you be yourselves, giving you gentle direction on what I feel will get the best results from you.

4. Documenting your real life as a couple

I love the thought of my couples looking back on the professional photos of their pre-married life in the years to come and remeniscing over these moments spent together. Engagement photos can be a good way of documenting the feelings between the two of you in your more typical everyday situation.

So often, we forget to photograph everyday simple moments or only have photos of one person or the other. I think when you take the time to have a shoot like this, whether you are engaged or not, you will be thankful for it in the future.

5. Use the photos

These photos can be so lovely to just keep for yourselves, but with your upcoming wedding you also have the opportunity to use your engagement photos for it. Some couples like to incorporate them into their save the dates or formal invitations. You could use them printed within your wedding decor or as a slideshow for your guests to see on the day.

I hope you found this post helpful if you are considering getting your own engagement photos taken. I really enjoyed shooting these photos of Emily and Ben in the Bluebell woods here in Devon. Head over here to see more of my couple portraits.

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