5 Tips for Beautiful Wedding Photos

I love to be able to offer my couples any advice or useful tips that may help ease the planning of their day or to squash any nerves they may have about being photographed! Here, I've put together a small blog post with a few top tips on how to look your best in your wedding photos. I hope this helps and stay tuned for more exclusive tips!

1. Forget about your photographer on the day

My previous Brides and Grooms often tell me that they barely noticed that I was there on the day - and I love this! It means that I managed to blend in well with your guests and capture those moments of laughter, fun and happy tears without anyone feeling self-conscious about being photographed. Chances are that you will be so immersed in the plans, your guests and emotions of the day that you won't need to make an effort to forget your photographer is there!

Tara Statton Devon Wedding Photographer
Tara Statton Devon Wedding Photographer

2. Trust your photographer

90% of Brides and Grooms-to-be chat to me and tell me that they feel worried about being photographed, or that they aren't photogenic. Please do not worry about this! If you choose take some time out to get a few shots of just the two of you, I have SO many useful methods of helping you relax and getting natural shots of you, even if you are feeling nervous. I offer gentle direction and will never put you into awkward poses. Just know that your photographer has done this so many times before and you can trust that they know how to get the best from you.

You'll be looking and feeling amazing on your wedding day and you will be right next to the person you love most in the world!

3. Don't Worry About the Weather

The weather is out of our control, so there is no reason to worry yourself over it. Whether you have sunshine or rain, you will receive beautiful photos. Rain can create just as much atmosphere in a photo as sun. If it happens, try and embrace it and enjoy yourself anyway.

I always come to weddings with my trusty bridal umbrellas in case you want photos outside but don't want to get wet. And if it's really torrential we can always take photos inside instead, it's not a problem. I always try and have an indoor back up plan for any group or couple photos, in case the weather on the day is unpredictable.

4. Ask Questions

Photographers go to loads of weddings and get a good feel for what works well! If you're unsure about the timings of your day or the best order in which to do things so it all runs smoothly, or need a supplier recommendation, feel free to ask! I am always so happy to offer any advice or help to my lovely couples, and love to make your lives a little bit easier.

5. Hire a Professional

This is super important! The way that your wedding photographs look, will have a lot to do with the experience that your photographer has. Weddings can be a lot of pressure and responsibly so make sure whoever you hire has the knowledge and experience to create images that you will look back on and absolutely love!

I really hope you have enjoyed reading this blog post and that you have found it helpful!

More to come soon!

Tara x